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Peerless Oatmeal Stout to be “Full of Beans”!!

February 26, 2018
Peerless Oatmeal Stout to be Full of Beans!!
We have brewed our Oatmeal Stout for many years. Recently this beer won Gold in the North West heat of CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain. Of course, we love to win awards as it is a validation of all our hard work. So what do we now? Well of course we like to mess around with recipes and create new brews. Some time ago, we modified our Oatmeal Stout recipe and concocted a brew called Milky Milky! We had added lactose and also cocoa nibs. The result was a fabulous milk stout that sold out in just a few weeks.

This time we are going a stage further and are going to add coffee to the milk stout recipe to create what is effectively a Cappuccino Stout which is going to be called Mocha-Matari. OK, so now you are all wondering what the hell the name means?

Mocha Matari is The World’s Most Traditional Coffee. True Arabian Mocha, from the central mountains of Yemen, is still grown as it was over five hundred years ago, on terraces clinging to the sides of semiarid mountains below ancient stone villages that rise like geometric extensions of the mountains themselves. In the summer, when the scrubby little coffee trees are blossoming and setting fruit, misty rains temporarily turn the Yemen mountains a bright green. In the fall the clouds dissipate and the air turns bone dry as the coffee fruit ripens, is picked, and appears in on the roofs of the stone houses, spread in the sun to dry. During the dry winter, water collected in small reservoirs often is directed to the roots of the coffee trees to help them survive until the drizzles of summer return. The Yemen Mocha Matari is a medium to full bodied coffee which is absolutely brimming with exotic flavours of dark chocolate, cinnamon and cherry. Often regarded as having a deep bold wine quality, this coffee is rich and complex, yet sweet and fragrant. In fact, the combination of chocolate and cherry flavours means that this coffee is often referred to as having ‘dessert like’ qualities. We have gone to local coffee experts Adams and Russell for our supply of this wonderfully expensive coffee. You can read more about this fabulous coffee by clicking the link below.

We will be brewing this beer to be available during April 2018. Mocha Matari is 5% abv and is sure to sell out. It will be available in cask only. Cheers Steve

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