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Selling Peerless Beers?

March 10, 2014
What is it like selling Peerless Beers?
I am Chris Kay I work in The Spinning Mule, a Wetherspoon pub in Bolton. Here at the pub we have a very high demand for cask ale of all types and are fortunate enough to be surrounded by high quality local breweries. However having such high quality suppliers can sometimes make it difficult for a new brewery to become popular with our regulars. When Peerless started to supply to us they soon built up a strong connection with our customers by attending, a meet the brewer where the customers were able to ask questions and sample the beers that Peerless sold and by rebranding a beer called Mule’s Gold that soon become very popular. A lot of our customers like to sample new beers that they have not seen before; therefore a beer that is only available in one pub becomes popular very quickly.

Since we do have a high demand for cask ales, we do sometimes need a fast turnaround in order to keep up with our demand, the Peerless beers are ideal for this, as they settle very quickly and are always consistent. There is nothing worse than settling a beer and caring for it in the cellar only for it not to clear.
Peerless’ wide range of ales means that, we can have a number of their beers on sale at one time without having unhappy customers. The ales vary from the light hoppy Peerless Pale to the dark full flavour Oatmeal Stout, there is something to suit all taste, and these beers have become a customer favourite and now are as popular as any other real ale we sell in the pub
Chris Kay.
Wrong Side of the Bar

Christian Fox
March 10, 2014
Worth a visit then! Tried a couple and really enjoyed them. Ive just visited your site as well, very informative! Keep up the good work!

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