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  Our beers  


All of our beers are produced using the finest ingredients from UK suppliers.

We have a choice of styles and alcohol levels to fit all tastes.

We only ever brew with real malt, hops, yeast and water and don't use cheap alternatives such as corn, rice or hop extracts. We brew a range of beers from a 3.8% abv Pale Ale to an authentic, cold conditioned 4.8% ABV pilsner style cask lager.


  The brewery  


Our stainless-steel brew-plant is capable of brewing both ales and lagers. We brew about 4500 litres per batch. Our  7 fermentation tanks and 10 storage/conditioning tanks are all individually temperature controlled and allow us to produce a range of different beers

These features enable us to control all aspects of the production, allowing us to achieve an excellent and consistent level of quality.

Great beers or your money back


We are very confident about the quality of our beers. So in the unlikely event you are not totally satisfied with one of our products we will provide a replacement, free of charge, no quibble.

Thirsty Friday & Saturday
This year we will be opening the tap in the brewery on the last Friday and following Saturday of the month. Read on for dates and ... read more >